The New Earth Reserve (NER) is a “storehouse” of wealth and abundance which is used as the repository of assets and capabilities stewarded by members of the New Earth community, making them available as collateral for community undertakings. The NER is a managed account into which monetary and other liquid instruments or assets can be placed in a perpetual endowment. The NER operates as a transitional account straddling traditional economies and assets and the New Earth economy, Because of this, individuals interested in endowing resources into the NER will need to confirm conventions regarding anti-money laundering.

Individuals with resources seeking to support the New Earth Reserve will do so using a Specified Endowment Account. For clarity, this is not a donation for tax or charitable purposes. This includes the conveyance of rights to use and assign pledges to assets as collateral reserves. Specified liquid assets (such as money, securities, and the like) will be allocated as NER assets and managed within the New Earth Fund, and will be subject to the distribution framework specified therein. The NER is not a fractional reserve system and is restricted to notional value limits at all times. Each non-liquid asset of the NER remains the jurisdictional and tax responsibility of the contributing member unless an escrow agency is established whereby the New Earth Fund may steward any liability. Every seven years, NER assets will be renewed in pledge for additional seven year terms. This term is established in accordance with uniform principles of wisdom which holds both the contributor and the steward accountable for aligned intention, purpose and engagement.



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