The New Earth Gifting Network is a global platform serving to reconnect people within their local community through the simple and powerful act of sharing.

The Gifting Network is the aspect of the New Earth Exchange which breaks beyond any notion of ‘exchange’ altogether. No exchange takes place when one either gives or receives a service and no one is permitted to charge or receive money for a service provided through the Gifting Network.

the purpose of the gifting network is to:

  • Help others in your community and open yourself to receiving help from those around you.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of consumption by sharing the things we only use occasionally.
  • Grow friendships, and cooperative practices in local communities.
  • Use the skills you do have to benefit others and learn the skills you don’t have for a time you may need them.
  • Reinvigorate local community spirit
  • Encourage random acts of kindness to become the foundation of human interaction



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