The New Earth Fund is repository for money, securities and other forms of property (excluding real property). Domiciled in a jurisdiction which offers favourable local laws and treaty arrangements, it provides an environment for the protection of transitioning assets. Unlike conventional fiduciary accounts, the New Earth Fund invests in and participates with investments that are indenture-free and productivity-aligned.

The fund is ‘owned’ equally and proportionately by its depositors, who share equally and proportionately in its successes and failures.

The fund allocates resources in the following manner:

  1. One third held on reserve – spiritual emergency and security of the whole – serves the life and is the blood of the heart.
  2. One third for primary distribution to programs and initiatives founded on love and education / consciousness – a portion of which can be credited into New Earth Promissories with community, not investor returns and a portion of which can be allocated for risk and benefit-sharing participation in new venture creation within the New Earth ecosystem.
  3. One third for primary distribution to efficient systems that serve the New Earth – return on investment a major focus.

People investing base their return on these three criteria – 1. Security, 2. Contribution to humanity, and 3. Investment in creativity & future innovation.

This model is congruent with the three levels or triangle of the mystery school traditions across all cultures, and corresponds to the three levels of being:

  1. As with Himalayan spirituality, where Shamballa is the spiritual centre within which the awakened life-force, and energy of planetary purpose exists in reservoir for the whole planet, and released at long intervals upon spiritual demand from the awakened masters and humanity, so too, in the New Earth Fund, are reserves only expended when the members of the fund collectively agree they are required (or to adjust the ratio upon losses in the other areas).
  2. Just as the awakened masters act as a bridge between Shamballa and humanity; their investment being in the development of awareness, growth of consciousness and loving / fair distribution of resources, so too does the New Earth Fund invest a third of its reserves with the same areas. At this level some investment will result in no return – interest free loans or profit sharing arrangements would apply if and when the investment is profitable. The preservation of capital is preferred but will not always be possible. As such, in some cases, capital will be donated – this volume of donations will be regulated annually based on a percentage of profits, such that not more than a third of total profits should be distributed by way of donations to extremely leveraged and needy causes and with the goal that this level of the fund’s operation will break even each year.
  3. Humanity expresses itself through creativity, economy and efficiency – the best of business on earth. Thus the Fund invests a third of its reserves on creative projects, utilising innovative technologies, which are designed to benefit humanity and/or the Earth as a whole.

By proceeding from these foundations a growing reservoir and funding resource will be created which genuinely serves the whole earth and which is built up steadily over the long term, thereby generating trust as a result of its motives, transparency and performance.

A realistic profit is be targeted annually with 50% being donated according to New Earth principles and 50% being distributed to the depositors. When the profit target is exceeded, increasing amounts are donated



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