Numerous communities throughout history have recognized the need to establish, within economic systems, the capacity to respond to exigencies anticipated and unanticipated.The Earth is filled with dynamism and, from time to time, this dynamism places individuals and their well-being in jeopardy.Within the New Earth Exchange, a Mutual Benefit Society is established wherein community members as well as non-community members can receive the benefit from a responsive, enlivened humanity which responds to joys and sorrows with abundance and generosity. Where legacy systems have had the notion of charity or emergency response, the New Earth Community Response Network celebrates each response as a reminder to celebrate our explicit interconnectedness.

The Community Response Network begins with a constant communication platform which informs the global community as to the emergence of “needs” and “opportunities” emerging throughout the network.Already piloted successfully in part through the Global Innovation Commons – a repository for technical knowledge to address emergent challenges – this exchange links resources, knowledge, community members and technology to those places in need of community level response.

As a Mutual Benefit Society, the demands for conventional insurance diminish and ultimately extinguish as the actuarial marginal profits accruing to insurers are replaced by expansive Community Response Networks in action.

The Community Response Network integrates the technology already deployed with the Global Innovation Commons “Challenges” program and the newly developed Hylo platform.Community members serve as Activator Nodes (people who discern situations as they arise) and Responder Nodes (people who activate and actualize responses).



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